The return of the cacoa of Vung Tau


Experts in the field of agriculture said that the reason is that farmers only consider cocoa as a secondary crop, intercropping with pepper, cashew and coffee to make use of vacant land. take care of. While cocoa requires proper technical care and investment in fertilizers, adequate irrigation gives new yields.

Cocoa trees began to be reborn Amazon Food.

Until 2016, cacoa in Ba Ria Vung Tau was reborn Amazon Food Company. Engineers analyze and mobilize farmers to replant cocoa trees with advanced technical procedures to ensure science increases productivity and quality.


Cacao Vung Tau – Bapula Chocolate

In addition, Amazon Food Company has started to create the brand name for Cocoa Vietnam – Bapula Chocolate. The purpose is to help solve the problem of consumption for cocoa farmers in Vung Tau. At the same time with the great desire to bring Coca-Cola and Chocolate Vietnam to the world.

BapulaChocolateRelating to the potential for cocoa, Trinh Van Thanh said that cocoa demand in the domestic market and the world today is very large. Each year, our country still imports nearly 10,000 tons of cocoa powder for food production. Not to mention, Vietnam cocoa is classified as a quality cocoa, ranked in the group of high quality products such as Ghana, Ivory Coast, Brazil (over Indonesia, the country has the export output of cocoa stands 3rd world). In addition, the demand for cocoa from large markets such as the US, the Netherlands, Japan and Korea is increasing … Therefore, if well planned, farmers have mastered planting techniques and secured. Cocoa is still very potential in terms of output.

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