Quy Trình Sản Xuất


Accompany with the farmers to take care of cocoa garden

Create canopy, prune branches, apply organic fertilizer to trees. This process is very important to help control and meet strict standards of organic certification organizations of US and Japan, helping Bapula cocoa to ensure quality and achieve USDA and JAS certification.

Harvest fresh cocoa

Choose beautiful, ripe, fresh fruit, not rotten. Cocoa in Vietnam has about 10 varieties, different in taste, color and shape. TD3 is red, small, TD5 is yellow, round, TD 6 is purple, long, … Each type of them has its own characteristics and flavors, helping Bapula chocolate to be diverse and different.

Peel shell

After harvest, we smash cocoa, peel shell, avoid damaging beans, and select round beans and put them into tanks to anneal. Each cocoa contains 40-50 beans. Cocoa beans can be used as cocoa smoothies, very fragrant, sour and delicious.

Incubation, fermentation

Incubated in a wooden box for 6 days, covered with banana leaves on the surface of box, carefully shielded, after 24 hours of incubation, turn once. The box temperature must be at 48-52oC.After 6 days, expose to the sunlight when the beans turn to dark brown, round and well fermented.

Expose to the sunlight

Expose to light sunlight for 10 days. Stir 4-5 times a day. Cover carefully the drying floor to avoid harsh sun and rain. After 10 days, after cocoa beans are dried, store for at least 2 months before being put into production.


Choose the best cocoa beans, not damaged, purple to roast. Take cocoa beans to roaster. Roast at 120-130 degrees Celsius, within 45-60 minutes, carefully check during roasting to ensure cocoa beans are cooked evenly.

Broke beans and blow shell

After roasting, cocoa beans are taken into machine to broke and blow shell, just take cocoa nibs to produce chocolate to ensure cocoa smoothness and quality.

Loose grinding

Put cocoa nibs into crusher. Because cocoa contains more than 50% butter, after 2 hours of crushing, cacao nibs turn into liquid, after 48 hours, chocolate is completely liquid. Mix sugar and cocoa butter in proportion to each type of chocolate in this process. Grind for at least 48 hours, then chocolate will have a smoothness of about 20-25 micrometers, creating a smooth, melting and delightful feeling when enjoying. This stage is most important, the special blending formula helps Bapula create chocolate bars with a delicious, distinct taste.

Decrease, reduce temperature

After grinding, put chocolate into tempering machine to increase, reduce temperature, help chocolate have good crystallization and stability in room temperature without preservatives, stabilizers, help chocolate have a natural, pure taste.


With love, passion and meticulousness, Bapula artisans use small molds to pour chocolate, creating delicious chocolate flavors with a distinctive, sour, sweet, acrid taste.


Bapula organic chocolate is packed into small pellets, 5gr each tablet, then pack into boxes of 8 tablets and delivered to consumers as Bapula’s organic gifts.

Finished products

Bapula offers pure, delicious, different and healthy cocoa, organic chocolate products.