Detecting white plates on chocolate surfaces, you still eat or throw away?

Why does this new chocolate bar have white markings?

Những mảng trắng trên bề mặt socola

Unveiled a bit, every year in the world, there are millions of kilograms of chocolate thrown away just because these candy bars appear this less aesthetic white plate. But are you curious what are these white plates?
Studies have revealed that this strange phenomenon, in fact, is caused only by the fat molecules in chocolate “surfacing” on the surface and aggregated into white streaks (or “fat bloom”) – when you store them at inappropriate temperatures.
Specifically, if the environment is too hot or too cold, chocolate will appear “fat bloom” – and that is the reason why we fear that the quality of candy bars is problematic. According to 4’s Food Unwrapped channel, thousands of customers have complained to confectionery companies when the chocolate has “ugly” white patches and forgets that they have preserved chocolate in the wrong way.
Jimmy Doherty 0, editor of the channel, learned the source of problem when he and the scientists at Hamburg University analyzed candy bars appearing white plates with the world’s largest X-ray projector.

Images of fat molecules around cracks on chocolate surface

The image results show that white patches form right at the cracks – demonstrating that fat molecules self-separate and float to the surface when chocolate is not properly stored.

According to scientists, this phenomenon will not affect the quality of chocolate, and they also suggest that you should preserve chocolate at temperatures between 14 -18 degrees Celsius.

Although chocolate manufacturers are also actively finding solutions to avoid this unwanted phenomenon. The best solution is to keep chocolate at right temperature when you are not using, as this will help fat molecules not be separated inside the chocolate. And your chocolate will look as beautiful as when you buy it at the store.

According to Dailymail


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