Signing a Bapula Chocolate Distribution Exclusive Contract In Japan

On April 4, in Vung Tau City, the exclusive signing ceremony on Japanese Bapula chocolate distribution between Amazon Foods Company and Cpoint Corporation, Japan and Red Sun Vung Tau Company.

On April 4, in Vung Tau City, the exclusive signing ceremony for distributing Bapula chocolate in Japan took place between Amazon Foods Company Limited, a member unit of Chau Duc Organic Cocoa Cooperative, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province with Cpoint Corporation of Japan and Red Sun Vung Tau Company.
This is an organic chocolate product exported to Japan.
Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Ho Si Bao, director of Amazon Food Company Limited said, right after the contract signing ceremony, in this April, Amazon Food Company Limited will export 1,000 organic chocolate bars produced by the manual method to Japan.
This is the first mark of Bapula organic chocolate product of Ba Ria-Vung Tau exclusively distributed in Japan.
[Promote the establishment of a cooperative group in production and processing cocoa]
In order to stabilize chocolate production materials, Cpoint Corporation of Japan and Amazon Food Company Limited signed a contract for planting high-tech organic cocoa of Japan, with an area of about 40ha in Chau Duc district.
Mr. Hiroki Nozawa, Director of Cpoint Corporation of Japan said that he and his partners and friends in Japan appreciated the Organic chocolate products quality of Bapula.
With product of pure chocolate, organically planted cocoa is safe and and healthy, this organic production has achieved the strict criteria set by Japanese customers.
Therefore, Cpoint Corporation of Japan decided to choose Bapula’s chocolate products to import into this market.


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