About Cacao – Cacao Vung Tau

In Vietnam, cocoa is introduced very early. Currently, trees are widely planted in many places, CAI RIAA – VUNG TAU is still considered to be the most ideal conditions for cocoa development.

Here, according to statistic research, flowering plants produce annual fruit, with an average yield of 3 kg of dry seed per 1 year 5 year old tree, with very good quality.

Cocoa has many benefits that you may not know yet. Today, Bapula Chocolate will help you get more information on the benefits of pure cacao seeds.

1. CAI RIAA – VUNG TAU CACAO seeds are used as raw materials for high quality products such as chocolate. Cocoa is also a popular drink because of its stimulant but the amount of cap is much lower than coffee.


2. CACAO pods after seed extraction can be dried to ground for animal feed.

3. CACAO trees are not very competitive in terms of land because they can be intercropped in existing orchards to increase land use efficiency,


Bapula Chocolate has researched Cocoa and Vietnamese market so that it has contacted with Amazon Food engineer to instruct Ba Ria – Vung Tau people how to take care of Cocoa trees scientifically in order to obtain Cocoa beans are of the best quality. Guaranteed VIETNAMESE GOODS – HIGH QUALITY.

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