Do you know? 9 Great uses when using Chocolate.

Chocolate is a finished product made from pure cocoa beans along with some other flavors. So do you know the 9 great benefits of eating Chocolate that Bapula Chocolate will list below?


1. “Far away” cardiovascular disease

In black chocolate is rich in a component that protects the heart – it is phenol. Research shows that this type of substance has the same anti-inflammatory effect as aspirin. At certain concentrations can “free” radicals “stick” on the wall.

In addition, the flavonoids in CHOCOLATE can prolong the effects of other antioxidants in the body (such as vitamin E, vitamin C), which is a strong backing of nutrients. protect the heart.

2. Comprehensive micronutrient supplement

Many people refer to “energy, fat, sugar” as CHOCOLATE, but we may not know yet. CHOCOLATE contains abundant trace elements, including magnesium, copper, iron, zinc. ….

In addition, the content of phosphorus in CHOCOLATE is also very rich, in 100g CHOCOLATE contains 280mg of phosphorus. Phosphorus and calcium in combination are the basis for strong bones, so eating chocolate is very beneficial for bone.

3. Strengthen resistance

The flavonoids available in CHOCOLATE have the effect of regulating immunity. CHOCOLATE helps boost the immune system and puts it at risk.

4. Fast food ideal

Nutrition studies show that before exercise, eating black chocolate can increase the amount of sugar stored in the muscles, thereby supporting movement, reducing blood sugar, slowing down fatigue, and benefit others. For recovery after movement. Therefore, for people who need energy, such as people who are active or in physical work, teens and children are in the development phase, CHOCOLATE is an ideal fast food.


5. “Chase” mood depressed

Black CHOCOLATE has the effect of suppressing depressed mood, making us feel happy. In particular, black CHOCOLATE contains rich CHOCOLATE, this substance is very important in regulating mood of people.

The high magnesium content in black chocolate (410 mg / 100g chocolate) has sedative and anti-depressant effects, and many doctors use CHOCOLATE as a medication for mild depression.

6. Do not make blood fat increase

A lot of people worry about eating CHOCOLATE, that chocolate is fat, will cause diabetes and tooth decay … fat content in black CHOCOLATE although much higher than other foods but fat in chocolate is Unsaturated fatty acids, can not make us obese. Many practices have demonstrated that chocolate can not raise cholesterol in the blood.

Black chocolate is not like candy, fruit, because it has a quick dissolving properties, not easily stored in the roof of the mouth, so do not cause great harm to the teeth.

Reduce the risk of diabetes

When eating black chocolate in moderation, this food can be a powerful weapon in the fight against diabetes. Contrary to what you have heard, eating black chocolate reduces the risk of diabetes by lowering blood pressure and significantly increasing insulin sensitivity. If alone, cocoa is extremely bitter, but when it becomes chocolate, it blends between sweet and bitter to create its special flavor.

8. Protect your skin and smile

Flavonoids in black chocolate help protect the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. Black CHOCOLATE helps promote blood circulation, slows down the aging process. It also contains a mineral called theobromine, which strengthens tooth enamel and keeps your teeth healthy. In addition, black chocolate contains an incredible amount of vitamins and minerals.


9. Chocolate – Catalyst of “happiness”

Before going to bed, if you eat a lot of black chocolate will cause difficulty to sleep, but if you want to enjoy the “sweet and happy” moments, eating a little before “love” will bring unexpected results.

This is because CHOCOLATE contains micronutrients that help boost excitement. A survey showed that 34% of French women and 38% of Canadians said they would like to use chocolate to improve the level of “happiness”.


The above are 9 uses from Chocolate that Bapula Chocolate has statistic. What do you think? = D

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